At Breakthrough Performance and Rehab we use Neufit and acupuncture to reprogram your nervous system to help you heal faster, get out of pain, perform better and optimize your health. Acupuncture has nothing to do with “energy” but due to mistranslations it has created a false understanding in the West. Acupuncture can be understood or likened to a mathematical model where abstract terms which are not real (similar to math) are used to map the body. Then specific combinations of needles and placements are used to help reprogram or create change, similar to computer programming. A little known fact: the basis for all modern computing was derived from the I-Ching which is the basis of where Chinese Medicine is derived from.

Neufit is a combination of the most advanced neurological technology, principles, techniques and applications. It leverages many principles that are directly aligned with the underpinning conceptual understanding of Chinese medicine while enhancing those processes using technology. 

Neufit uses a specific electrical waveform that mimics our own body’s central nervous system signal, unlike other electrical devices. This technology helps to promote proper communication of the nervous system throughout the body, reducing pain and enhancing recovery faster than any other modality currently offered. This specific technology doesn’t replace the natural processes, but rather enhances and supports them to allow for proper neurological signaling and communication. This in turn accelerates the healing process, improves muscular function and strength, stops pain and builds muscle.

The waveform mimics our body’s own central nervous system signaling which allows for an accurate assessment and scan of each muscle’s functioning state. This allows for the discovery of muscles that are being limited, governed or blocked due to improper and pathological neurological signaling leading to pain, weakness, compensatory patterns, poor healing and injury. The waveform then re-establishes communication and removes inhibitory processes which allows for dramatic improvement in overall muscular functioning leading to very fast pain relief and improved performance.

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