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Neufit Pricing:

Single Neufit Session

$ 195 Per Session
  • Schedule Anytime

Package of 5 Neufit Sessions

Most Popular
$ 160 Per Session
  • Preferred Pricing 26% OFF
  • Schedule Anytime

Package of 10 Neufit Sessions

Best Value
$ 150 Per Session
  • Preferred Pricing 33% OFF
  • Schedule Anytime

Neufit FAQ

How quickly will I notice results with Neufit?

It is very common for most people to notice significant improvement after the first session.

How many sessions will I need?

Your specific injury, age and a multitude of other factors will determine how many treatments will be needed. We look at 3 stages of progression (1. Rehab, 2. Fitness, 3. Performance). Typically once the rehabilitation process is complete, its highly recommended to go to the fitness progression, which will further protect you from future injuries. Typically there is no one even without injury that wouldn’t benefit from at least 10 sessions. 

How often should I come for Neufit Sessions?

The typical recommendation is 2 to 3 times per week. Many people start with 1 time a week and gradually work up to 2 to 3 times per week, this is highly dependent on the individuals response. There are special occasions where one can come up to 4 to 5 times per week, but most do well at 2 times a week. 

What should I wear?

You should wear shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, ideally. Many people find it easier to bring shorts and a t-shirt with them and change into regular clothes if they need to go back to work. 

Is this the same as traditional Electrical Muscle Stimulation or TENS?

Neufit uses a specific electrical waveform that mimics our own body’s central nervous system signal, unlike other electrical devices. It uses a direct pulsed current which is very different than an alternating current which other devices use. Not only are those foreign to the body in terms of signaling, they create co-contraction which encourages pathological motor patterns. While they may improve blood flow, they are in no way similar. This technology helps to promote proper communication of the nervous system throughout the body, reducing pain and enhancing recovery faster than any other modality currently offered. This specific technology doesn’t replace the natural processes but rather enhances and supports them to allow for proper neurological signaling and communication. This in turn accelerates the healing process, improves muscular function and strength, stops pain and builds muscle.

The waveform mimics our body’s own central nervous system signaling which allows for an accurate assessment and scan of each muscles functioning state. This allows for the discovery of muscles that are being limited, governed or blocked due to improper and pathological neurological signaling leading to pain, weakness, compensatory patterns, poor healing and injury. The waveform then re-establishes communication removing these inhibitory processes which allows for dramatic improvement in overall muscular functioning leading to very fast pain relief and improved performance.

Want to know more about the Science?

Click on the image to the left to learn about the science of why Neufit can help you perform better.

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